2021 Return to School program

December 23, 2020 4 comments

There are 2 things parents / caregivers need to do before the start of the 2021 school year

1 – Pay fees and, if you need to, arrange a laptop and buy uniform items

This needs to be done between Wednesday 13 January and Tuesday 19 January.

Due to the need for social distancing we ask that only one parent / caregiver and the enrolling student / students attend to enrol.

CLICK HERE for information

2 – Make sure students return to school at the right time and date

Tuesday 26 January is Australia Day, so students will return to school on either Wednesday 27 January or Thursday 28 January.

CLICK HERE for information

In 2021 the daily timetable will have 6 lessons instead of 5 but the school day will still run from 9am to 3pm

CLICK HERE to see our revised 2021 timetable

– Regarding Stationery / Book lists / Laptops

As long as your student has basic writing equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber) and a laptop, we will provide the rest. 
CLICK HERE to see your options on our “Laptops for Learning” page
When coming in to pay fees, parents AND students need to sign our forms before a laptop can be issued. If students can come along when you come in to see us, we can issue the laptop on the day, otherwise students can come and see us at the ICT office when school starts. 

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