to Playford International College

Message from our Principal,

Rob Knight

I am very pleased to welcome your family and in particular your child to Playford International College (Former Fremont-Elizabeth City High school). Our school has a long and proud history of student success and achievement and our future is dedicated to building upon this tradition. Playford International College inspires every learner to lead a purposeful life through high quality learning and connection to the world.

At Playford International College, we value:
  • Respect At PIC respect is a positive action that honors someone by showing care, concern, or consideration for their needs or feelings
  • Collaboration At PIC collaboration is the process of working successfully together to achieve a goal.
  • Perseverance At PIC perseverance is persisting to achieve our goals in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
  • Growth At PIC growth is continuous assessment of our skills and qualities to set goals for ongoing learning and development.


School Open Hours

Posted at January 17 2019

Playford is now open to handle Fees, Uniforms and Laptops.

  Mon, 14 J


Posted at December 13 2018

PIC Podcast 3: Subjects Aleasha, Liam, Mia and Jasmine discuss subjects at schools. Liam and Aleas

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2018 Yearbook

Posted at December 11 2018


In 2019 Playford International College is moving away from traditional year levels and introducing sub-schools.

Yr 8 = Junior Secondary

Yrs 9 & 10 = Middle Secondary

Yrs 11 & 12 = Senior Secondary

Students will need to select their 2019 preferences on Course Counselling Day on September the 5th.
To see the course descriptors please visit the following link:

Course Descriptors