Student Pathways

PIC students now get more help to get them on their Career Pathways!

The Student Pathways Team have taken a new direction this year. Our Senior School students are now receiving more one on one counselling to assist them to plan and direct them on their own individual career pathways. Our Team have already begun this process with a number of Year 11 and 12 students and will continue to assist as many senior school (10-12) students as possible. During these interviews students discuss their career aspirations. For some students who are unsure of their what they want to do, they are assisted, often using online resources to help clarify possible occupations that they may be suitable for and interested in.

Once the student’s career directions are established we work together with the students establish a Career Pathways Plan. The Career Plan includes setting goals for their work at school, working out their future educational needs, teaching job research skills, giving assistance in writing Resumes and Job Applications, organising Work Experience and assisting in applying for jobs.

Referrals are also made to our Apprenticeship Brokers who come to school and have appointments with our students once every fortnight offering extra advise and where possible students are linked to advertised jobs via either the Student Pathways Team’s and or the Apprenticeships broker’s networks of job related contacts.

The Student Pathways Team