Innovation Factory and STEM Academy Raytheon Scholarship


On Monday 15th of February STEM Academy students were invited to Questacon’s Invent and Play Travelling Exhibition at University of South Australia in Adelaide. Innovation Factory captures the spirit of innovation through whimsical technology and simple machines. The exhibition is proudly supported by Questacon’s Major Partner Raytheon Australia and UniSA.
Innovation Factory’s exhibits focused on how technology makes life easier and challenges the idea that technology is only defined as high-tech electronics. Students were able to play with simple machines such as cams, pulleys, levers, gears, pistons (or pneumatics), wheels and electricity.
They learnt how robbers break into a safe by cracking a cam lock, they performed a musical tune using pulleys, they raced some horses using gears, they played ‘rock, paper, scissors’ using electrical circuits and found their way through a maze using pneumatic pistons.
During this event the Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Mr. Christopher Pyne presented Kittatam Saisaard with the Raytheon Australia Playford International College STEM Academy scholarship, also attended by David Lloyd, Vice Chancellor of UniSA and Michael from Raytheon. Kit was selected as the winner of this scholarship because of his participation in the STEM Academy, and by his academic achievement across all learning areas. Kit is planning to attend University and has demonstrated a high level of determination to succeed. This scholarship will be presented yearly to a worthy STEM Academy student. Congratulations Kit!