Playford IC Soundhouse provides professional development and education for music teachers and students of South Australia. Located in the Special Interest Music Centre, the newly refurbished room boasts 15 individual state-of-the-art computers connected to keyboards and a wide selection of current-edition music software. The room also has three Roland Tour Bus JamHubs (silent rehearsal studios).

Playford IC Soundhouse enables the successful delivery of Music Technology and Individual Study units at Stage 1 and Stage 2. Music Technology is also incorporated within the Year 8-10 Elective and Special Interest Music curriculum.

The full VET Certificate 2 in Music is incorporated within the Contemporary Music program, and modules from the VET Certificate 2 in Music and Technical Production is incorporated within the music curriculum from Years 8 to 12. This is made possible through our partnership with the College Of Sound And Music Production (COSAMP) and the Technical Production Network (TPN). Delivery of the Certificate lll in Music began in 2017, the first of a 2-year course offered within the Year 11 Music curriculum.