Primary Hub

Adelaide North Primary Music Hub

The Adelaide North Primary Music Hub is hosted by and directed from the Special Interest Music Centre at Playford International College and caters for primary school students in Year 4 – 7 at DECD schools in the North.


The program is managed by music staff at Playford International College providing instrumental tutoring, experience & theory instruction and ensemble performance.

DECD instrumental music staff assist with instrumental tutoring and ensembles.


The program is able to provide an extensive range of instruments on offer:

All students will learn basic keyboard skills in their lessons delivered by Playford International College music staff.



Transport to and from the Music Program is arranged by parents of the students.

The Adelaide North Primary Music Hub Provides the instrumental lessons, musical experience lessons and ensemble lessons for approximately 100 primary school students from over 30 primary schools in the northern area. The program is available for students in Year 4 – 7 in DECD primary schools. Students can hire an instrument from Playford International College for a minimal annual fee. All other lessons are provided at no cost from Playford International College and DECD.

The program enhances the musical experiences that students can receive, as music is not delivered in all primary schools.

Many past students who have participated in the Primary Music Hub program have successfully auditioned to be a Special Interest Music student on a scholarship at the Special Interest Music Centre at Playford International College  A number of these students have gone on to become music teachers, musicians or successful in their own field of interest.