Senior School Report

With Term 1 rapidly coming to a close SACE teachers are about to close their marks books and begin to write Term 1 reports. These progress reports are very important because whether your son/daughter is in Year 11 or 12 any grade below a ‘C‘ indicates that learning and a successful outcome is at risk. Students are settling in well to the new timetable structure but the new focus needs to be on maximising their own time. This has been the key focus of the Senior Seminar Series, where positive mindsets, prioritising, having a purpose and minimising distractions have been addressed and workshopped with students. Making these habitual changes will lead to success while studying the SACE. Students should also  remember that the Senior Centre is open from 8am – 9am every morning for accelerated learning. This is another opportunity students can maximise study time in peace and quiet.

Senior students have also undertaken a survey called the ‘Senior School Pathways Survey’. The intention of this survey was to collate as much data as possible and paint a picture about where each senior wants to head post high school. Some amazing data came out of the survey, for example, 64% of seniors surveyed indicating that they are aspiring to receive an ATAR. This goes to show how the culture of the school is changing and that students want to achieve a successful future post high school. Another statistic showed that just over 50% of students said they would do everything in their power to leave Playford International College with a TAFE course, traineeship, apprenticeship, or full time work. Mr Hubbard and Mr Crowhurst are the two staff members that make up the school’s Pathways Team and they are making sure that they meet with all of these students to see how we can make each student’s successful transition from school to their desired pathway a reality.

In week 11, Mrs Van Zyl (Year 12 YLM), is taking a group of students to the Adelaide Tertiary and Careers Expo at the Convention Centre in the city. This is a wonderful opportunity for seniors to meet tertiary students, ask questions about courses and university life and get a taste of the wide range of options available to them in South Australia.

Educating senior students about life is also a theme that will be covered in the Senior Seminar Series this year, and the Year 11 cohort had their first experience of that in week 8. They participated in the Road Awareness Program (RAP) run by the SA Fire Brigade.

The messages about road safety, whether you are driving or not, are very powerful and really do expose students to the seriousness of what can happen if you engage in poor behaviour on the roads.

The Year 11s actively participated in the session and all walked away being a safer roader user I am sure. Thank you to Ms Quinton (Year 11 YLM) for arranging the session.

Attention Parents If you have not already done so, please visit the school’s parent portal of DayMap via the school’s website. This is a great source of information regarding your son/daughter’s attendance, achievement and homework. All students were graded at the end of week 5 via the whole-school Traffic Light system. Students were rated as; Outstanding, On Track, At Risk/Monitor Closely or Requires Immediate Attention. This gives a great snapshot of student achievement in the click of a button. Another reminder that every senior student starts school at 9:10am and finishes at;

2:50pm on Mondays

3:30pm on Tuesdays

1:50pm on Wednesdays for home study, which they must sign out.

Or 2:50pm if they choose to stay and study onsite

3:30pm on Thursdays, and

3:30pm on Fridays

Lastly, with the change of seasons upon us the weather is about to get cooler. Now is great time to double check that your son/daughter has a full kit of the school’s uniform to keep them warm during winter. From the beginning of Term 2 senior students that refuse to follow the school’s loan uniform policy will be required report to R7 at lunch time. Repeat offenders will attract a higher consequence.

Have a lovely school holiday break,

Senior School Team