Senior School Performance on the rise

As the name ‘Fremont-Elizabeth City High School’ becomes a part of the school’s valued history, the last Year 12 cohort achieved recording breaking results. SACE completions were up by over 85%, and the number of A-Grades achieved at Stage 2 level more than doubled. These results are extremely pleasing for not only the students and their families, but for their teachers and the school. With the school now known as Playford International College, not only has the name transformed but so has the culture around academic outcomes, and it will only continue to rise in 2016 and beyond. The Senior School team and all SACE teachers worked tirelessly in 2015 to support and challenge these students, and the results are a celebration of a long, hard year’s work. The number of students receiving ATAR scores in 2015 was 51, with highest ATAR achieved being 99.05, which was earned by student Cindy Lieu, both outcomes being a school record. Hieu Tran received an ATAR of 91.95 and Stephanie O‘Pray achieved a score of 82.20. These results are overwhelmingly satisfying for all involved and demonstrate that as a school, Playford Internal College is on the rise because of an established cultural of success in the Senior School.

As well as breaking records around SACE completion, A-Grades achieved and the highest ATAR score the school has ever achieved, 24 Year 12 students were offered placements at University for 2016, which again is a school record. The diverse range of courses that our students will be undertaking is impressive and also fascinating. Bachelor courses that our students will be undertaking are;

2015 will not only be remembered as the last year of Fremont-Elizabeth City High School but also as a recording breaking year for Year 12 academic success. Moving into the Playford International College era, the benchmark has been set and it is exciting times ahead as we plan to continue to produce successful, tertiary ready, global learners.