Principal’s Report

Welcome back to the start of term 2. Having said that, we are already well into the term. Terms two and three are very important for students. They provide an opportunity for each student to build on their results from term 1. For our Year 12 students, their efforts over the next 20 weeks will largely determine their end of year results.

Academic Results:

The academic results that our students achieved in term one were very pleasing. Of particular note was the solid reduction in ‘E’ Level grades. Results at this level are totally unsatisfactory and they usually that a student has made little or no attempt with their learning.

Attendance Results:

The good news at the end of term one was that daily attendance rates for many students have started to improve significantly. More than 30% of students now have an average attendance rate of greater than 90% and whilst only 30% have an attendance rate of less than 80%. Improving your child’s attendance at school is a critical priority for every parent. If your child is not at school, they simply cannot learn.

Behaviour Results:

Towards the end of term one, we unfortunately experienced a spike in poor student behaviour that resulted in a number of students being either suspended or excluded from school. Generally, most PIC students are positive, responsible, well behaviour and well mannered. We describe these students as being good citizens and upholding the agreed values of our school and community. Behaviour that disrupts classes, negates learning, impacts on others or undermines the values of school will not be tolerated. Please instill good behaviour characteristic in your children and support us in our effort to make the school a safe and effective place of learning.


The wearing of a formal school uniform is a non negotiable requirement for every student enrolled at Playford International College. This policy is sanctioned by the School Board and our students have chosen a smart, affordable and functional uniform to be worn by all students. Students who do not comply with the school’s uniform will be asked to change, wear replacement loan items or be removed from class and the yard to learn independently. Refusal to follow the school’s uniform policy will not be tolerated and parents will be contacted to support the actions of the school. Please ensure that your child attends school every day dressed correctly in the appropriate school uniform.

Student Learning Support:

As a school, we are always focussed on supporting students to be successful learners and to enjoy positive relationships with others. A review of our term 1 results demonstrate that some students are simply not succeeding despite our best efforts. Chronic non attendance, often below 30%, has been identified as a significant cause of this problem. For students in this situation, we have made a decision to remove them from mainstream classes and place them in a special intensive support program. If your child is in this situation, you will be contacted by the school this term.

Academies Program:

One of the exciting learning opportunities that students have at PIC is to be involved in our Academies program. Recently, our Netball Academy began playing for Central Districts in the State netball League on Saturdays. This is an amazing opportunity for these students and I would like to congratulate Shannon Dissinger and Kirsty Faulkner on their commitment to this program. If you are ever at Priceline Stadium, our team plays at 12.30pm.

Our Soccer Academy is yet another program that is growing strongly. Under the management of Jesse Rogerson (Academies Coordinator) our soccer students will be participating in the inaugural Playford United Invitational Cup early in term 3. This competition has been developed in partnership with the Playford City Council and the Adelaide United Football Club and it promises to be a spectacular event. Television News coverage and possible involvement of some Chinese players may also occur. Keep an eye out for more publicity about this exciting event.

Student Learning Opportunities:

Playford International College is truly a place of opportunity for our students. There is always something happening at our school and recently, the school’s Music students and Pedal Prix students have been busy in the community. Involvement in local and statewide events at Loxton and Mt Gambier have occurred and feedback from the community continually provides positive feedback about our staff and students. Well done to all members of our school community.

Digital Learning:

Many of us have a reasonable idea of how the modern classroom is rapidly changing due to the influence of technology. Nowadays, it is important that every student have constant access to their own computer both at school and at home. More than 600 students at our school now have their own device but many still don’t. If your child doesn’t have their own computer, please contact the school as a matter of urgency for assistance.

Other exciting IT news that is happening at our school involves the pending upgrade to the school’s Internet Service. At a cost of around $50,000, staff and students will shortly have access to a new state of the art high speed Fibre Optic internet service. Connection speeds will be up to 1000 times faster than our current service.

Also, stayed tuned to learn more about a new digital learning platform that will be gradually introduced over the the remainder of the year. The way your child stores and accesses their learning and their various IT tools is about to dramatically change.

Quote of the Week:

“A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for”

– Albert Einstein –


Rob Knight – Principal