Exhibition of Learning

Week 8

Exhibition of Learning week. Students will be volunteering to open up their classrooms to other students and teachers to share the knowledge and understanding they discovered throughout semester 1 to an audience of peers during their normal lesson time.

Week 8

On Wednesday 21st June Playford International College parents are invited to attend an Exhibition Evening from 4pm-5.30pm in our Senior Centre to view projects and work that students have volunteered to share. Students will have the opportunity to interact with guests about their displays, please join us for this celebratory event.

Week 9

Wednesday 28th June will be a modified school day, middle school classes will not run. Students will be conducting a Presentation of Learning for their mentor teacher and parent/caregiver with a time frame of approximately 15 minutes, these are to be booked in with the student’s mentor teacher between 12pm-7.30pm. This is an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and progress in semester 1 as well as think about aspirations and goals for semester 2.

Chevonne Craker

Curriculum Coach

Teacher: Personal Development, Food and Hospitality, PLP