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dance2On Friday the 1st of June, the Playford International College dance students will be present their “Semester One Dance night”. PIC currently has two dance classes. The Dance academy class (Yr 8,9 and 10 students) and the Senior class (Yr 10, 11 and 12 students). Both classes will perform their class dances as well as group compositions.  
The evening serves several purposes. Students are assessed on their ability to perform for an audience as well as exposes students to various aspects of the theatre and production. The students are also assessed for their compositions. The PBL type task required students to select their own group, genre, music and movement. With some teacher support, the groups have worked well to put together their pieces of varying length. The last purpose is for the students to showcase their hard work to their friends, family and school community.
The senior class aims to put together dance pieces of varying genres in preparation for their Yr 12 Moderation held at the Shedley Theatre on September 21st. The class will present their funk and hiphop class dances. The four yr 12 girls will perform their contemporary piece, “I fall apart”.
Tickets are available for the event at the uniform shop during week 5. Adults $4 and Student/concession $3. Children under school age are free. Tickets will be available at the door (limited change) until sold out.
The students have been working well and look forward to showcasing their work.
Olivia Smith
Dance Teacher
Term 1 has been a rollercoaster ride in the Animal Centre! Early in the term we had a Bearded dragon and enclosure donated that desperately needed some TLC! Our students grabbed the challenge with two hands, converting the enclosure into a lizard mansion!!! Mid Term the students planned and designed an amazing lizard pit for our shingle back and blue-tounged lizards. We had a sneaky gecko escape from its tank and the students embarked on a full scale search before deciding to create the ‘perfect’ habitat to entice it home. They researched all of the essential needs for a barking gecko and got to work. Although this didn’t work, the gecko was found and the students happily named him Houdini! These building projects along with research opportunities have provided a platform for the students to engage with and learn practical math, science and literacy skills and has so far been a huge success.
Our A-team now include Houdini – Barking Gecko, Ackie – Ridge-tailed monitor, Draco – Eastern water dragon, Veserian – baby bearded dragon, Falcore – Bearded dragon, Albert and George – Shingle back lizards, Big and Baby Blue – Blue tounged lizards, Robertle – Murray river turtle, Axle – axolotl, Green and Greener – Green tree frogs, Fluffy – Goliath Tarantula, Nightmare – Wolf Spider, Balboa and Scorpio – Scorpions and our giant stick insects.
When 2017 launched the new House Program at PIC, Thomas House focused on creating the most joyous celebration of books, film, videogames, anime, YouTube, history, science, music, and all things geek in the form of Pop Culture Week.

Our house recognises that being a geek means not having to play it cool about the things you love, and so we decided that there was no better way to create a community of inclusion than to encourage everyone to let their geek flag fly for one week.

The week was such a success, that in 2018 we have continued the tradition. With points earned through a number of events, houses were determined to knock Mitchell house down from 1st place where they had reigned since last year.

The week started with a treasure hunt riddle to find Beyonce as she hid out somewhere on site. At lunch, we held a Talent Show-Off which included juggling, singing, jokes, and a shredding guitar solo from Jackson House’s Marcantonio Lorenzi. On Tuesday there were new board games to test out in the library, and a jukebox of music at lunch where students had to recognise the names and artists of a rocking playlist. Wednesday was a thriller, when the whole school got to see the best lip-syncing this side of Phillip Highway: while the combined teamwork from Natalie Royals, Brooke Hanselman, and Ashlee Hanselman won the day with their unique parody of Outkast’s Hey-Ya, no one would soon forget Farrel and Mr. King belting out Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. Finally, the short week ended on Thursday with a yard full of costumes. Passersby could spot the Incredible Hulk, the Easter Bunny, WWII era soldiers, and a walking-talking banana, just to name a few.

Despite a heated leaderboard, the week ended with Freeman House taking the cup for 2018. Let’s see if they can hold on to it in next year’s Thomas House annual Pop Culture Week.

For the first time in the school’s history, students will be a part of an Agricultural program as part of the year 8/9 Science courses. Cows Create Careers is a Farm Module run by Dairy Australia that aims to increase the awareness of dairy industry careers in a very hands-on way. Secondary students are educated by rearing two three-week-old calves at school and the school is provided with dairy industry curriculum for year 8 and year 9 classes, at no cost.

Since 2006 Dairy Australia has worked with thousands of students, teachers, farmers, industry advocates and communities through its investment into Cows Create Careers – Farm Module.

Dairy Australia’s Industry Capability Program Manager, Tracy Lloyd, said the program started in 2004 with dairy farmers in the Strzelecki Lions Club in Victoria and nine Gippsland schools. With support from Dairy Australia, Regional Development Programs, dairy farmers and sponsors, the program has now grown to over 245 schools across Australia with over 12,000 students expected to be involved in 2018.

“Cows Create Careers – Farm Module is a program that builds awareness of dairy industry careers – from teaching students about educational and vocational pathways, to profiling the diverse range of professional careers in the dairy industry,” said Ms Lloyd. “By bringing calves into schools, students have fun learning about the different skills required in the dairy industry.”

We are currently in the process of building the animal pen and shelter for the school (see picture). In the future we aim to get chickens, sheep and goats into the school.

Brittny Connaughton

Psychology and Agriculture Teacher

For more information about the cows create careers program, visit





The idea

This fundraising business is hard work but our little group has also found it to be unbelievably rewarding. Our student group is planning and hosting events that people twice their age might struggle with and there’s an undeniable sense of pride that comes with that. It’s for this reason that, after the success of the 2017 Colour 4 Cambodia, we knew we had to have another go at hosting a colour run.

We set the date well in advance promising that this year we would be so organised and there would be no rushing around the day before (spoiler alert: there was a significant amount of rushing around the day before).

The Planning

This time we were lucky because we already had some idea of what we needed to do. Jamie promptly got onto organising the food for our BBQ and, of course, James from J & S Quality Meats was more than happy to help us out, not only with discounted sausages but also with some vouchers that we could use as prizes on the day.

We started hunting for sponsors, both minor and major and were shocked by the number of businesses who were willing to donate either cash or products. Abbott Kinney Brand, who make some awesome clothes, were the first to sign up but they were promptly followed by a host of others.

The flood of sponsoring businesses lead to us producing a range of thank you videos which proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are unlikely to become movie stars. They seemed to have longer blooper reels that actual videos. We’d be lying if we said they weren’t fun to make though.

What we really needed was a major sponsor, however, and we were thrilled when Zorich Group jumped on board and offered for Sportspower Elizabeth to partner with us. They donated a range of prizes which made it possible for us to offer vouchers to every participant, host a competitive race before the actual colour run and give prizes to all of the kids who completed our 1km event.

Rotary also got right behind us and offered us the use of their amazing BBQ trailer for the day. Their generosity had already saved the day and then they contacted us to make a cash donation to the event!

The Venue

We had held the last Colour 4 Cambodia at Stebonheath Park but wanted to have it somewhere more central this year. We contacted the Playford City Council who have been amazingly supportive and they offered to let us use Fremont Park. Since this is just down the road from our school it was absolutely perfect.

We planned an excursion so that we could go to the park and map out our whole event and were excited by how perfect the Fremont Park was. We also headed to Tunzafun (another sponsor) and made yet another video while also winning a prize for one of our group members who was too unwell to come with us. Lastly we went to Sportspower Elizabeth to do some work with their social media manager. It was a great experience for our group getting to work with a professional and seeing how they do their advertising.

The Real Work

When we got back to school we knew exactly what needed to be done and started making a list of everything that needed to be completed in the next two weeks. We were also becoming slightly anxious that the colour powder had not arrived yet (as Jordy very helpfully pointed out, it wouldn’t be much of a colour run if we didn’t have any colour).

We started by asking the tech teachers to make us a podium for the winners of our races and they came through for us in spectacular fashion. Not only was the podium perfect for the awards, it became the best place for everyone to pose for a photo. We cut up hundreds of tickets, organised bread (kindly donated by Bakers Delight in Elizabeth), made signs, wrote waivers, continued to contact businesses and, when the powder finally arrived, started the massive (and messy) task of moving it from buckets into bottles.

Just as we were starting to feel like we were on top of the situation, two major things happened. The first was that Bunnings contacted us to say that they had booked us in to do a BBQ, on the 8th of April, the day after the Sportspower Elizabeth Colour 4 Cambodia!! We debated whether we could do it or not but, given that it had taken almost 12 months for us to be granted a place with Bunninngs, decided that we would just have to make it a big weekend!

The next thing that happened was that the Zambrero head office contacted Megan and said that they would like to be involved. We were so excited and ended up naming the start/finish line after Zambrero to thank them for their continued contribution to our cause. Their donations to our trip so far have been so significant that they have almost paid for one whole student place (or one fifth of our entire fundraising target)!

The Day Before

Although we had tried hard to organise everything in advance, that didn’t stop us from having one massive day before the run. We needed to laminate signs, make pancake mix, collect sausages and bread, pack utes and cars full of equipment and spend a fair bit of time stressing that we had forgotten something.

We would really like to thank Robert, Maison and Kathy who helped us out on that day. We also need to thank our teachers who let us out of lessons and Zambrero who provided our lunch just when people were starting to get a little too ‘hangry’ to keep going.

One other person we need to thank is Aiden. We had one bucket of colour powder that, despite our combined efforts, we just hadn’t been able to open. We decided to name this bucket the ‘Playford International Sword in the Stone’ and issued the challenge to our entire school to see who could open it. Several students and teachers tried but luckily Aiden came to the rescue, winning himself a free Colour 4 Cambodia ticket and an Easter egg we had found in our top drawer!

The Colour 4 Cambodia

We arrived at Fremont park two hours before the event was set to start, friends and family in tow, and started setting up. After some concerning false starts, we managed to get the sound system working and music was soon blaring across the park. Alan from Rotary arrived to set up the trailer and the team from Coffee and Co started setting up their stall.

Pretty soon people started arriving to buy their tickets from Jade while Megan and Miss Woodrow ran the course to put out all of the markers. Rob and Ben manned the BBQ yet again and set about cooking the pancakes (they manage to make these amazingly circular and we still aren’t really sure how they do it).

Before long it was time to start our first event, the 4km race and we were excited to see the guys off and racing. After a long race in hot conditions Robert Knuckey came through as the overall winner. He scored himself a Tunzafun unlimited play card, Sportspower gift card and a free pair of shoes fitted in store at Sportspower Elizabeth. Rob O’Leary came in second after a hard run and won Sportspower and J&S Quality Meats vouchers. In third position was Aiden Fletcher who won a Sportspower gift card and Tunzafun unlimited play card.

Next up was the Kids Dash. It was a 1km race and, thanks to generous sponsorship from McDonalds, Sportspower Elizabeth and Tunzafun, we were able to give every participant a prize. We’re not sure who had more fun, the kids or the members of our group who got to run it with them.

Next we had the warm up which included both the Chicken Dance and the Macarena. Everyone had a great time dancing together before we attempted a world record! We had decided that we wanted to see if we could smash the record for most high fives in 30 seconds. The current record is 106 but, by our calculations, we managed 429! We’re still waiting for the official confirmation but, either way, it was an exciting way to start our colour run.

The last official thing we needed to do was start the colour run so we were really excited to see the big crowd on their way. We all split up and manned different colour stations and are also really grateful to our friends and family who did the same.

After a fantastic half an hour, we bought all of the powder back to the start and, after making a speech to thank our sponsors and helpers, we had a colour party with everyone. Our group had decided not to get powder on ourselves this year (the photos will show that we weren’t successful)!

 The Clean-Up

We were lucky to have our family and friends to help us pack up and before long, we had every thing stored in Miss Woodrow’s carport. We went home and managed to get all of the powder off ourselves before meeting up again to count the money.

We knew that this year had not been as big as our last event and therefore, made sure that we kept our expectations under control. It was these low expectations that made it all the more exciting when we realised we had raised over $1100!


We all got an early night on Saturday, knowing that we needed to be at Bunnings early to run the BBQ on Sunday. We arrived bright and early and full of enthusiasm (and more than our fair share of caffeine). Some people had been more successful that others when it came to fully removing colour powder with Jamie’s face still covered in yellow.

We got to work quickly setting up and cooking the BBQ. We were shocked with the number of people who were buying our food and it quickly became obvious that we were going to need more supplies, a lot more supplies. Luckily Tam Green, one of our teachers, turned up just in time to supervise while Miss Woodrow went shopping.

Later on we needed another 5kg of onions dropped down and we had to go shopping for sausages, drinks and bread two more times. By the end of the day we were exhausted but knew, even before we counted the money, that we had done well.

We cleaned up the BBQ as quickly as we could and then packed the car before sitting in a group to count the money. We were absolutely amazed when we found that we had made another $1400!! We certainly couldn’t have done this without the generosity of Bakers Delight Elizabeth, J&S Quality Meats or Foodland Munno Para who all donated and discounted products for us.

It was today that we realised just how much we had learned from the members of the Elizabeth Rotary Club who had allowed us to help with a number of their BBQ’s. As a group of 16 year olds we were able to manage cooking, customer service and money handling all day. Jordy took charge of the BBQ and used the lessons he had learned from Alan to keep the food coming. Jakob even told Miss Woodrow off when she wasn’t filling the esky in the same way that he’d learned working with Rotary. Now seems like a great time thank the Elizabeth Rotary Club, not only for the fundraising opportunities that they have given us but also the skills and values that they have taken the time to teach us.

Whats Next

When we got back to school we were immediately filled with enthusiasm for what we could do next. We decided to give ourselves a break from planning but that quickly went out the window when Jamie was left alone in the meeting room and, by the time we had all returned, she had started making lists of what we needed to do next!

 So now we are hard at work on our next two major fundraisers as well as some smaller activities. By the time we are ready to fly to Cambodia we know that we will have well and truly earned the experience. We hope to see you at our next event because, although raising the money is great, our group is starting to believe that most of the reward is in seeing people having a great time and realising just how much we can achieve.

Until our next event,

Peace out

Thanks to the following sponsors for their generous support:

Sportspower Elizabeth



J & S Quality Meats

The Rotary Club of Elizabeth

McDonalds Elizabeth

Foodland Munno Para

Bakers Delight Elizabeth

Adelaide Camping Hire

Rainbow Skye Design

The Nanny Diary


Abbot Kinney

Good afternoon everyone,

Welcome back to Term 3 and a particularly warm welcome to all our new staff and students. We have now passed the halfway mark of the term and the new semester has started with a great sense of purpose and energy. The start of the new semester helps every student reflect on their learning to date and to reset their goals to achieve even more highly over the remainder of the year.

Council of International Schools Accreditation:
Week 2 of the term was a very busy week for our school community. A panel of assessors from the Council of International Schools spent 4 days at our schools assessing our performance against 96 individual assessment criteria. These criteria have been identified as the global standard for educational excellence and school operation and leadership. It is the intention of staff to ensure that your child is a member of a school of excellence and that they receive access to the highest quality educational experience.

The CIS Accreditation process occurs over 3 stages and takes up to 5 years to achieve. This visit was stage 2 of the process and we should receive the results of the assessment in the next few weeks. Depending on the outcome of this assessment, we are preparing for our final assessment to occur early in 2019.

Redevelopment Program:
At long last, I am pleased to report that the builders are now onsite. Mossop Constructions have won the tender to project manage our $11m school redevelopment and work has now began. At this stage, we anticipate all work being completed by June, 2018. This project will have a profound impact on future learning at our school and your children will be the beneficiaries. Stay tuned for regular updates and photos on our school website.

Google Classrooms:
I continue to bring your attention to our important and exciting Google Classrooms initiative. Indeed, your children may be coming home and speaking about how their learning is changing through access to this amazing digital learning environment. By the start of 2018, all learning for students will occur through a direct connection with Google Classrooms and our current Learner Management System, called DayMap. Your child must have access to a suitable laptop for every school day. Without their own device, their learning and ability to thrive as a global digital citizen will be significantly disadvantaged.

Our school is investing heavily into a laptop rental program for students. A touchscreen Chromebook will be the standard device offered by the school next year and supplies of this device will begin arriving later this term. Annual rental fees for this device for students will be around $150 per year ($3 per week). The device will be fully maintained by the school, replaced with a new device every 3 years and payments through Centerpay can be made. If your child has a current DELL laptop, these can be returned and replaced with a new device. Further correspondence to all parents will be sent our later this term.

2018 Enrolments:
At this stage, we have 223 current Year 7 students who have elected to enrol in Year 8 at Playford International College in 2018. This enrolment number represents a fantastic vote of confidence in our school by the local community. As we continue to grow and approach more than 1100 students, we continue to change the way students learn. As we change the way we teach, your children become more confident, capable and successful learners. Currently, we are within 20 students of our Year 8 enrolment capacity. If you know of others that haven’t submitted an enrolment request/application for next year, please encourage them to do as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Enrolment caps at our school have not been in place for more than 30 years.

 2018 Curriculum and Timetable:
Speaking about continuous improvement in student learning at PIC, there is more exciting news on the way for parents and students. Later this term, all students will be involved in subject selection for next year. In what will be a big change for students, they will have the ability to personalise their learning to a far greater extent by choosing an Individual Study Pathway (ISP) from the beginning of Year 8. Building on the success of our Academy and Electives program, students will have greater opportunities to learn in vertical learning groups (as opposed to Year Levels) based on need and ability. In the years to come, Year Levels will disappear totally and it will be possible for students to be enrolled in traditional SACE subjects at a much younger age, depending on ability.

A typical school week for students and staff next year will give them the opportunity to have greater flexibility and choice over what their schedule for each week looks like. There will also be far greater opportunity to undertake learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom and subject approach to schooling.  Students will also have the opportunity to work more often with teachers in one to one or small group settings and the traditional concept of recess and lunch breaks and the school bell will potentially disappear. In its place will be the opportunity for staff and students to have far greater control over how they manage their teaching and learning.

Master classes, expanded co-curricular opportunities, access to mentor and support staff, wellbeing programs and personalised, online digital learning will be offered for students as part of their typical learning week. How your children learn and how the traditional and typical model of schooling looks, is about to change significantly at PIC.

Our school is very highly regarded within education circles for educational transformation, curriculum redesign and teaching innovation and creativity. We are now a member of the International Centre for Educational Enterprise and we are a new partner member of a coalition of interstate schools that are committed to transformative educational change. We are already helping all students achieve significant lift in personal educational outcomes and our next raft of educational reforms will dramatically change how students learn for the better. Further information will be released closer to our 2018 subject selection process.

Quote of the Week:
“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead
Walk beside me… just be my friend”
– Albert Camus –

Rob Knight

The Playford International College Wind Ensemble again participated in the Victorian School Music Festival held in Melbourne in Week 2 of this term. The VSMF invites schools from around Australia and overseas to participate and perform in a number of outstanding concert venues in Victoria.

This year the Wind Ensemble performed in the Intermediate section, a higher division than last year. The ensemble performed repertoire of a higher standard and performed for an increased time of 12 minutes.

Our Wind Ensemble, consisting of 22 students from year 8 – 12 and accompanied by Mrs Trenbirth and Mr Trotter flew over to Melbourne on Tuesday 1st August to begin our exciting adventure. We again stayed at the Hotel Claremont Guesthouse on Toorak Road in South Yarra which is situated about 3kms from the City.

After settling in to our accommodation we went for a relaxing walk up Chapel Street to the Prahran Markets for some lunch and then checking out the sights around South Yarra. Dinner was at Brother Burger, dishing up some delicious burgers, wings and fries!
Our Performance on the Wednesday was held at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. The Music Festival is set up with 3 activities for all to be involved in: Performance, Education – on-stage tutorial with the Chief Adjudicator & Listening to the other ensembles performing in the session. Our performance program consisted of 4 songs in different styles: ‘Crown of Castile’’ our march, ‘Implacato’ our set piece, ‘What a Wonderful World’ our ballad, and finished with a calypso-flavoured hit song ‘Jump in the Line’.

Our overall performance gained a bronze which is pleasing for our students, considering the young ensemble and over half the students performed on their 2nd instrument. Feedback from the adjudicators was pleasing and certainly gave us some positive aspects of our performance and areas that we can work on to further improve as an ensemble, with a huge focus on listening to each other and working more on balance within the ensemble and working as a team. We received an ‘outstanding’ mention for our overall presentation and ‘excellence’ for our rhythmical accuracy. We were commended on our program displaying variety of repertoire in our performance.

Well done to all the students in the Wind Ensemble. I have really enjoyed working on this repertoire with you and thank you for your time and effort in preparing for Melbourne, including holiday and extended rehearsals.

I would also like to thank Mr Trotter for accompanying us to Melbourne and experiencing the Music Festival for the first time. Your support was truly fantastic and I really appreciate you stepping in at the last minute to attend. I would also like to give a huge thanks to Marion Furber, Judi Warrick & Janice Leahy for the huge amount of help, immaculate planning and support in the lead up to the Melbourne trip, these events don’t just happen without all the hard work from the many people behind the scenes and to drop things to get uniforms sorted or payments made, I am truly grateful for your support. Congratulations to the Wind Ensemble.
Nicole Trenbirth – Wind Ensemble Director

Reading and storytelling contributes to language, literacy and brain development. Story time contributes to the child’s fond memories that they can remember for a lifetime. Reading aloud to babies and children is important in their early years as it impacts on their social and emotional development and future learning.

The Stage 2 Child Studies students have been working hard on their Literacy Kit Assessment ready for Mrs Boag’s Year 1 students at Elizabeth Grove Primary School. The Year 12’s were required to choose a children’s story book and make an appropriate activity to bring the story to life. The books and activities were donated to Mrs Boag’s class and we hope they bring much happiness and joy for years to come.

Mrs Van Zyl
Child Studies Teacher

Senior School Report
Term 3 at Playford International College is a very busy term. Not only because it is the start of semester 2 or because year 12 students are getting closer to finishing but future planning starts to take centre stage. This can mean a number of things across the senior school. Current year 10 students will start to think about their SACE journey for the first time, year 11 students have some important decisions to make that will set them up for their last year of high school and year 12 students begin to plan for life beyond high school. This article is about celebrating the wondering things on at PIC and the opportunities our seniors our now exposed to that help them shape their own futures as they create their own pathways to future success.

Upcoming Event
Event: Course Counselling
Date: Wednesday 6/9/2017 from 11:00am – 7:00pm
Location: Years 9 & 10 in 2018 in Learning Hub / Years 11 . & 12 in 2018 in Senior Centre
Note: Not a regular school day. No classes are scheduled. Students and parent/caregivers are only required to book a 30 minute appointment on the day to come in and select their subjects for their individual study plan for 2018. Booking instructions have already been sent by email and SMS, hard copies were given to students on Friday 18/8/17 in mentor time, continuous reminders will occur during over the next 2 weeks and if you are unsure about anything please contact the school on 8255 7566.

Careers Night
On Wednesday 16th August PIC held its third ever Careers Night in the Senior Centre from 5pm – 7pm. It was a sensational evening with students having the opportunity to meet and talk with representatives from the following institutions/organisations/people;
• Flinders University
• University of Adelaide
• UniSA
• Training Prospects
• Australian Defence Force
• Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)
• SAE Institute Australia – Creative Media Education
• PIC staff that teach SACE Stage 1 & 2 subjects

The seniors that attended gained valuable knowledge and direction about how to tackle their future, which was great to witness. A guest from one of the universities left this comment about PIC students;

“I just wanted to email and say thank you for having us at the Career Expo last night. The students were very engaged and along with their parents, they asked a lot of in-depth questions. So many said they were planning on coming to the Open Days this weekend, which was great!”

Hearing comments like this from people outside of the PIC community is further testament to everyone at PIC; staff, students and parents, that as a school community we have made a conscious cultural shift towards improving how much we value education and as a result the opportunities post high school are endless.

Thanks to Minnie Bal, Simon Deguet, Rebecca Parker and the students that made the delicious curry for dinner. Finally, a huge thank you to Leah Van Zyl and Allira Quinton for their assistance in running the event and their on-going support for senior student success at PIC.

Tim Kloeden
Assistant Principal: Senior School & SACE Improvment

On Friday 18th August a group of almost 30 year 12 students visited Flinders University’s open day held at their Bedford campus. This is the second year that Flinders University have reached out to PIC as a school community and offered to pay for the bus service required to transport our students there and back on the day. This wonderful initiative has further strengthened PIC’s relationship with the University as well as growing our students’ curiosity to the idea of studying at not only university but on the southern side of the city. Students had the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops in their area of study interest, roam the campus and immerse themselves in the typical daily life of a university student, learn about studying abroad and on-campus living as well as meet thousands of other like-minded year 12 students from around South Australia.

In closing, it is an exciting time in the senior school where future planning becomes the priority for our senior students and hearing where they want to go and what they achieve in life is amazing! Please do not forget Course Counselling on Wednesday 6/9/2017 (week 7), book an appointment now!!!!! If you would like further information regarding the senior school subject offerings for 2018 as well as the middle school visit our website today. All core subjects, restricted choices and open choices are online for you to read prior to course counselling to ensure you make more informed selections on the day.

Tim Kloeden
Assistant Principal: Senior School & SACE Improvment