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Exhibition of Learning
A bustling hot spot of hands on interactions for all ages, engaging conversations on the complex thinking of student work, fine cuisine that had people lined up for more and high preforming entertainment that rocked the audience. That’s the atmosphere many enjoyed while visiting Playford International College’s biannual Exhibition of Learning. This event is one of the most important events of the year showcasing the astounding work students have accomplished. These projects are the result of teachers who engage with their students not only as consumers of information, but producers of knowledge. These projects emerge from subjects and other learning experiences where students are asked to tackle open-minded problems, to operate with a degree of independence, and to share their work with a wider audience. If you were unfortunate to have missed this event, make sure you add the end of year Exhibition of Learning to your calendar now!

Grace Taylor-Richards Year 10
I had the honor of being the MC for the Exhibition of Learning, as well as participate in a number of music performances. What I liked most about the night was the different kinds of performances there was to see. I also loved being able to hold some of the animals in the Animal Center. I believe the Exhibition of Learning is a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills. I am really excited about the next Exhibition of Learning to see what new performances students will perform.

Presentation of Learning.
How wonderful it was to take the opportunity to continue building our positive relationships with so many of the Playford International College families while formally meeting at the Presentation of Learning. This is such an important occasion for students to reflect on their achievements and potential areas for improvements, that they have identified over the first semester and to discuss goals they wish to achieve in second semester. Being able to reflect and demonstrate self-awareness is crucial for success at school and beyond. Being able to comfortably do this, in front of others, is an extremely desirable skill set to have and will be a big advantage for students in future work.

Kristen White Year 8
During my Presentation of Learning my mentor teacher, Mum and I were able to discuss things I had achieved and how I can improve for the next semester. I also liked that I was able to have my voice heard and express my interest in music and get the support I needed for my mentor teacher to transfer into Contemporary Music. I think the Presentation of Learning is a wonderful time to talk about my personal growth.

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The BARNES and MITCHELL combined Golden Event for Week one was an ongoing NAIDOC theme and the ATSI team were a huge help for the mini-events scheduled throughout the week. There were opportunities for students to ‘come and try’ a variety of traditional activities. Dot painting in the Nunga room was on Tuesday with Mrs Adji and focused on the NAIDOC theme ‘Because of her we can’. On Wednesday, the ATSI team cooked a barbeque of Kangaroo sausages for the whole school to try. Many students came back for seconds and it sparked many conversations about the healthy aspect of traditional foods. On Thursday, students learnt from Robbie and Mr Young how to throw a Boomerang and on Friday, Dan and Robbie held a Didgeridoo Masterclass for boys which required using techniques such as blowing bubbles through water and creating different sound effects. Students really enjoyed themselves and overall a pride in Aboriginal culture was evident at all the activities.











PIC Staff Deck and Screen
The deck screen was started in Term 2, 2018. The deck structure itself was previously finished by Mr Asser, Mr Green and Outdoor Construction students in 2017.

The design for the screen was to be airy and not feel closed in. It was also a design constraint that the staff sitting in the staffroom could see through the screen. The height of the screen was to comply with safety regulations and be structurally sound. The screen is a comfortable height to rest your arms on while looking across the yard.

The screen is made from Ekodeck, a product made from timber and recycled plastic. It requires no maintenance and does not need to be painted. The Ekodeck is rot and termite resistant.Construction3

Students worked tirelessly to measure, cut and install the screen. Progress was made slowly as posts were first installed and bolted to the subdeck. The screen was placed one board at a time, students needed to ensure these were level and lined up with the previous section.


Two year 11 students- Callum Pridham and Suthy Kuch were instrumental in creating the post structures, routing them in preparation for the slats to slot in. The boys were also responsible for bolting the posts to the deck.
The Elective Technology class were involved each lesson in placing spacers and slats, level and at even spacing’s to expand the screen, most days getting 1 section completed. This was a great effort in teamwork and coordinating jobs to students. Well done class. Riley Drowley gets a special mention as he would come out to the deck when he was not booked in to another PLT.Construction1

A large thankyou to the Design and Technology department for all of their help and support during this project.


Student Blog:
Holy Cows

We are a group of five students (Elijah, Teesha, Sakhawat, Gracie and Drew) and we formed a team called Holy Cows for our Cows Create Careers project as part of year 9 Science. The project revolved around the PIC Agriculture program, which featured two calves (Jersey X Bulls). The bulls were on our school ground, in a new agriculture pen for three weeks. As a team we were part of the crew that looked after the calves while they were on site. We fed them grains and powdered milk, cleaned the pen and changed the water (among other duties).

We really enjoyed having the calves on site, and it was an amazing experience to feed and pat the calves.

As part of the project we had make a movie about how we cared for the calves over the three weeks. We then had to a write a letter to industry about our experience.

The final part of the project was an excursion to Nurioopta where we participated in more agriculture based activities, including how we can break into the industry.

We would definitely do this project again (not just because we won free chocolate) but because we really enjoyed working with animals and meeting new people!

Teacher Blog:
Just wanted to give a shout out to the Year 8’s and 9’s who participated in Dairy Australia’s 2018 Cows Create Careers Program.

Miss Connaughton and Mr Asser, along with 18 students headed off to Nurioopta this morning for the final day of the LegenDAIRY initiative.

We participated in activities throughout the day revolving around the Dairy Industry, before the award presentation.

We had entered 3 Senior Teams (our Year 9’s) and 2 Junior Teams (our Year 8’s). our teams had to develop a letter and a movie based around our learning through working with the calves we had here at PIC for 3 weeks plus other materials through the program. Our Teams were up against around 14 other schools also with numerous teams. Schools such as Nurioopta High, Faith Lutheran, Gawler and District, Blake view Primary, Cambri Area School and Orroroo Area School just to name a few.

We were all are ecstatic to announce 1 of our Senior Teams coming away with a 3rd Place Finish!

The team named ‘The Holy Cows’ made up of 

Our team “The Holy Cows!” came 3rd by just 2 points to Eudunda Area School (2nd) and Horizon Christian College (1st)


Hero Wall

Mixed media: photocopy, medium gel, wood panel, linseed oil, acrylic paint.

Classes: Year 08 Mindfulness Art Year 10 Visual Arts Elective

“Hero Wall” is inspired by Julie Rrap(b.1950) , one of Australia’s leading feminist artist, artwork Transposition: The Invisible Body(1988, Sydney) currently on view in Gallery 06 at the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. Exploring ways in which the viewer is implicated in historical images, Playford students selected an image of their hero to collectively display as a modular piece. The Hero Wall encourages all students to add and takeaway portraits of people important to them by contributing to this dynamically evolving community artwork. Launched on 20 June 2018 in celebration of World Refugee Day, this work celebrates the values of having heroes, role models and daring to dream.

hero2 hero3

hero4 herowall

During week 6 the SAASTA class went to the Aboriginal Power Cup that was held at Nazar reserve, Alberton Oval and Adelaide Oval. The Aboriginal Power Cup is a two day football carnival where all the SAASTA students from all around South Australia come down to Port Adelaide to play football for the Wednesday and Thursday. On these days we did activities such as the opening ceremony, career expo and practice for the cultural dance.

To finish off the carnival on the Friday there is curtain raser game before the Port and Richmond game for the teams that got the most points for things such as attendance, academics, career expo and cultural activities not just who won the football over the past few days. Additional to this we performed a cultural dance a few minutes before the game that was broadcasted on National TV and Robbie Young led us out in traditional dress. Finally we got to relax and watch the football and enjoy ourselves after an exciting and exhausting few days.

From SAASTA students; Aiden Hocking and Joseph Egan


For more information about the Aboriginal Power Cup please visit the following link to the Port Adelaide FC website: Power Cup



Playford International College is one of the leading schools in South Australia to introduce an online reporting system to promote student wellbeing. Stymie is a tool designed to equip our young people to be an up-stander and be agents in promoting the development of a safe learning environment. Students and members of the community can make a notification on Stymie to report bullying and wellbeing concerns. Each day more and more students are refusing to attend school as they feel unsafe due the ongoing bullying concerns. Combating bullying and harm has to be a community initiative.

 Stymie was launched at PIC about a month ago, and is starting to work to effect. Stymie is available to the students, parents, teachers and the community. The online reporting forum is to provide students a platform so they can speak up rather than work against peer pressure. The anonymity of the notification on Stymie makes the students feel safe and alleviate anxiety and stress associated with concealing crucial and stressful information. It enables early intervention and encourages pro-social behaviour. The ultimate aim is to provide added safety to our students which will benefit all stakeholders in the PIC school community.

Every Sunday we receive a Stymie Focus image as a subliminal reminder that Stymie is always ‘here’.

Please visit the following site for Parent Information:

 For any further information please feel free to contact the school and we would be happy discuss.


Student Blog: School change through the Eyes of a Year 9 Student
At the start of this year I began year 9 & I thought to myself everything would just be like normal. However, over the summer the school made three big changes that have had an impact on students and our life at school.

1. No Bell: The first change I noticed was there was to be no bell. Last year, we had a bell to depend upon telling us when to start school, switch lessons and of course, my favourite bell – home time. This year we are to rely on ourselves or others around us to manage our time, instead of having it done for us. At first the idea surprised me, I thought it wasn’t the smartest idea ever and it would provide us with excuses such as “I didn’t hear the bell!” However, when you think about it, it wasn’t a bad idea. It just teaches us to manager our own time. We are not always going to have a bell, you can’t always rely on things to be done for you so you have to take charge and get things done for yourself.


2.New buildings: In 2017 the school began to redevelop the site. The construction work has been loud and disturbing at times, but the teachers have been doing the best they could to move us around to a quieter area so our learning would not be disrupted. Excitingly two buildings have been completed (Art & Home Ec), and they look amazing! Two more buildings (Gym and Music / Dance) are still in progress, but almost done. Even though the disturbances haven’t been the greatest, the buildings have turned out really nice and we cannot wait to begin using the new facilities!


3.PLT and Classes: This year there is a new subject call PLT (Personal Learning Time), where you can sign up for a master class. I have been able to choose between a range of masterclasses on offer including: Coffee Making, Dance, French, Anime, Art or to catch up on study. I have enjoyed opting into Masterclasses and in particular having extra time to work in Dance.

Overall, I personally think people have adjusted well to the new changes in Semester 1 2018, even myself. This year has definitely been better than the last (& I really like the new additions to the school uniform!) Bring on semester 2!


dance2On Friday the 1st of June, the Playford International College dance students will be present their “Semester One Dance night”. PIC currently has two dance classes. The Dance academy class (Yr 8,9 and 10 students) and the Senior class (Yr 10, 11 and 12 students). Both classes will perform their class dances as well as group compositions.  
The evening serves several purposes. Students are assessed on their ability to perform for an audience as well as exposes students to various aspects of the theatre and production. The students are also assessed for their compositions. The PBL type task required students to select their own group, genre, music and movement. With some teacher support, the groups have worked well to put together their pieces of varying length. The last purpose is for the students to showcase their hard work to their friends, family and school community.
The senior class aims to put together dance pieces of varying genres in preparation for their Yr 12 Moderation held at the Shedley Theatre on September 21st. The class will present their funk and hiphop class dances. The four yr 12 girls will perform their contemporary piece, “I fall apart”.
Tickets are available for the event at the uniform shop during week 5. Adults $4 and Student/concession $3. Children under school age are free. Tickets will be available at the door (limited change) until sold out.
The students have been working well and look forward to showcasing their work.
Olivia Smith
Dance Teacher