Year 10 Core Subjects

Visual & Comtemporary Arts

Subject Type
Core Curriculum
SACE Credits
Area of Study
Visual and Comtemporary Arts
Subject Length
1 Semester

This course introduces students to Visual Art processes and encourages them to develop a broad range of skills in Multimedia, Photography and Visual Arts. Students will have the opportunity to develop connections with practicing artists and view Art Exhibitions. All projects will be linked by a theme which will culminate in a student directed collaborative project, display or an exhibition of artworks.

  • Multimedia – Experimentation with contemporary, digital and traditional art media
    Topics may include video and Photoshop, conceptual art, installation art
  • Photography-Experimentation of photography as an art form
    Topics may include, colour theory, photographic processes and photography as a visual art form
  • Visual Art
    Topics may include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics
  • Art Theory
    Topics may include artist and art genre research and learning art terminology.

Practical – 70%

  • Folio of work on practical experimentation into art materials and techniques
  • Completed practical artworks
  • Artist’s statements

Theory – 20%

  • Research tasks – Analysis and Response, Artist and Genre research
  • Art Terminology

Folio – 10%

  • Compilation of best work

Across the Visual and Contemporary Arts Middle School Curriculum students from within each year level will be streamed according to achievement levels based on their previous grades and the judgment of the subject teachers and school leaders.