Year 10 Core Subjects

Personal Learning Plan

Subject Type
Compulsory SACE Stage 1
SACE Credits
10 credits
Area of Study
Global Studies
Subject Length
1 Semester

The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a compulsory 10 credit SACE required subject. Students are provided a range of learning opportunities to support with the identification, clarification and refinement of possible future pathways and achievement of personal and learning goals.

  • Careers, educational and vocational pathways
  • Explore learning strengths and skills needed to effectively achieve goals
  • Interact with role models and people in particular careers
  • Learn about volunteering and work experience opportunities.
  • Making informed decisions about SACE subject selection in yrs. 11 & 12
  • Students will incorporate the use of ICT skills in their learning, as assessments are completed using various computer programs, interactive websites and multimodal presentation formats

This course will include opportunities for excursions, workplace visits and career presentations at school. Work experience and volunteering may be negotiated with individuals, small groups of students or the whole class on a case by case basis. Topics are negotiated with students depending on their interest and projected pathways.


Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP) assessment is school-based. Students will provide evidence of their learning through a set of four assessments on the following topics:

  1. Understanding the 7 Capabilities (Folio)
  2. Identifying Goals (Folio)
  3. Developing Goals and Strategies (Folio)
  4. Reflection – Round Table Presentation reflecting on their learning within the PLP over the semester.

Students must achieve a C grade or higher to receive credit for successful completion of the PLP. This is a SACE requirement