Year 10 Core Subjects

History – Warfare & Welfare

Subject Type
Core Curriculum
SACE Credits
10 credits
Area of Study
Global Studies
Subject Length
1 Semester

Curriculum content for Warfare and Welfare is drawn from the ACARA Year 10 History program. It covers the study of history of the modern word and Australia’s place in the global world (1918 – present). The twentieth century was a critical period in Australia’s social, cultural, economic and political development. Through a project-based learning approach, students will analyse and evaluate the international context of this era – a time of great political turmoil and global conflict, followed by attempts at international cooperation to ensure human rights for all. Students will compare and contrast the ways different nations have progressed beyond open warfare to developing the welfare of all its citizens.

  • World War II (1939 – 1945)
  • Rights and Freedoms (1945 – present)
  • Popular Culture (1945 – present)
  • Migration Experiences (1945 – present)
  • The Environment Movement (1960s – present)

Student learning is assessed against the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum. Tasks may include:

  • A folio showing skills growth in a range of activities
  • Oral presentations which include a visual aide
  • Written expositions, reports, explanations, reports, explanations or narratives.
  • Tests, including a final exam.

Folio 90%
Exam 10%


This is the third required course of the Middle School History curriculum. Achieving a ‘C’ grade or higher in Rogues and Renegades is a prerequisite.