Year 10 Core Subjects

Design & Technology

Subject Type
Core Curriculum
SACE Credits
Area of Study
Design & Technology
Subject Length
1 Semester

Students develop an in depth understanding of programming, robotics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D printing and electronics through focusing on a theme. This year’s theme is ‘responding to a crisis’ where students will focus on the sustainability of products and our connection with Asia by creating projects with a strong design focus while using higher order thinking to develop real world solutions.


Topic include;

  • Robotics/ Programing – students will program Edison Robots to follow a path and deliver food in need. (Simulating delivering food to those in need in a crisis/ dangerous area.)
  • CAD / 3D printing – Students will create structures to capture food parcels being dropped from a significant height (simulating food parcel delivery systems.)
  • Electronics – Students will use circuit boards and basic electronics to create a flashlight for emergency situations.

Topics include;

  • Folio (Investigation task, folio, development of ideas, evidence and evaluation (40%)
  • Robotics and programming (programming the Edison Robots) (20%)
  • CAD/3D printing (3D printed food parcel system) (20%)
  • Electronics (Emergency flashlight) (20%)
  • Evaluation (10%)



The course aims to prepare students for all Design and Technology electives, VET pathways and multiple career pathways.