VIVO Miles

At Playford International College we value the hard-work and positive contribution of our students. We utilise an Online Students Reward Environment, VIVO Miles, to praise:

Staff Involvement

Playford International College staff are committed to helping our students become successful, happy and productive citizens. We are determined equip our students with the self-esteem and skills to seize future opportunities for both their personal benefit and distinguished contribution to the wider Australian community.
As such, staff have the VIVO App installed on their mobile devices and desktop computers, allowing them to reward positive actions with VIVO Credits at the click of a button. Students are also encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards their learning and, as such, are rewarded for improvement in these outcomes.

Student Involvement

Playford International College students are issued with a VIVO Credit Card which gives them access to their own personal VIVO Environment.
Students collect VIVO Credits from staff along with words of praise and encouragement. These accolades stay with the students for the duration of their time at Fremont-Elizabeth City and can transferred onto VIVO Certificates to be used for resumes and character references.
In addition to the personal records of their positive behaviours and improved learning, students can use VIVO Credits to purchase a range of prizes from stationary to iTunes Gift Cards.
We also believe in providing students with opportunities within the School community and they can use their VIVO Credits to:

In addition, students will receive League Tables which display their ranking within the whole school, their year level, the subject they’re studying, and their House Group.
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